Relest: Real Estate Rental Auction Platform

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Real Estate Rental Auction Platform
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Start date
25 Nov 2017 13:00 UTC
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25 Jan 2018 13:00 UTC

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Official website is a real estate rental auction. Landlords publish offers and potential tenants bid to rent the real estate. In addition to the auction format, the platform also allows for regular rental offers. The service is available via a website and Android/iOS apps. The system allows potential tenants to calculate travel time from the property to a required geolocation, i.e. the office, work out the ideal price for the real estate based on data analysis, see 3D photos of the space, access an account area to share utility bills and communicate with the landlord, as well as other functionality. The account area and chat service are subscription-based.

The platform will offer the ability to pay using its own cryptocurrency (REST), which can be converted into fiat currency onto a card and back in the account area. Operations with fiat currency can be executed using a tied bank card, with currency exchange facilitated through integration with a cryptocurrency exchange. The platform's competitive advantage is payment using REST which is free of fees and commissions, unlike wire transfer.

Relest: Real Estate Rental Auction Platform