Platio: An innovative solution for the crypto world's main challenges

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An innovative solution for the crypto world's main challenges
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United Kingdom
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0,0007 ETH
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Start date
20 Aug 2018 00:00 UTC
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09 Dec 2018 00:00 UTC

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Platio is the banking solution for businesses that need to seamlessly and securely manage both crypto and traditional currencies. Powered by EOS blockchain technology, Platio enables users to pay salaries and suppliers with whichever asset they choose, by card or instant transfer.

Platio will meet the banking needs of the new crypto-fiat economy, empowering our users to take advantage of the best of both crypto and mainstream finance. Platio will also offer Asset Guard and Smart Escrow, innovative built-in safeguards for crypto assets and transactions. These are set to increase confidence in crypto as an asset and drive its global adoption.

Platio is an international fintech company licensed by the FCA and headquartered in London. The company holds European licenses for crypto operations and is an Authorised Payment Institution.