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Start date
01 Jan 2018 00:00 UTC
End date
31 Jan 2018 23:00 UTC

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Our team develops blockchain platform "POST", it uses its own crypto token NEWS. Paying your content with the NEWS token on our platform, you save its representation in the block, with the transaction, the received record allows you to make your content an asset, that has value, and forever belongs to you.

You can sell, rent and transfer your digital content without intermediaries, as a commodity.

The content representation is calculated using content identification algorithms, the result is hashed and written to the NEWS block account with the payment transaction.

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Every day we produce a lot of different content: articles, photos, audio, video, 3D models, etc. We want to know and give an opportunity to show who owns it.

In our work we faced the lack of simple ways to determine the content ownership. There is no independent, decentralized, universal system for certifying, evaluating and identifying your intellectual property.

In cooperation with the news agency, we are developing a certification platform "POST" based on the best Russian and Western intellectual property protection practices, we will use the technology of distributed registries (blockchain) to certify the ownership of any type of digital content.

The main purpose of NEWS is to certify rights for digital content.

Our goal is to create a decentralized platform for verification and content processing based on the NEWS crypto token.

We enlisted the support of major news agencies in testing and using our technology after the ICO. The number of partners of the "POST" verification platform is constantly growing. The list of organizations, which will test and use our platform after ICO includes:

1) Laboratory of Experimental Economics CEMI RSSI

2) National Institute of Business

3) A.I. Yevdokimov Moscow State University of Medicine and Density


Now our NEWS token has already been listed on the WAVES decentralized exchange.

Distribution of NEWS token (Total supply – 150 000 000 tokens):

Project team - 7,5 m. (5%)

Bounty - 2 m. (1,33%) Advertising, multi-language support, etc.

Airdrop - 12,5 m. (8,33%) after ICO: on 01.03.2019 NEWS holders with balance more than 12 000 NEWS will receive additional 10% of their balance in NEWS (i.e. if you have 12 000 NEWS, you’ll get additionally 1 200 NEWS right on 01.03.2019)

Softcap - $2 500 000

Hardcap - $12 000 000

Token NEWS has been created on Waves platform.

Token NEWS asset ID: DQUrzGsXp84Z4aPXLEkhgApf8TpCQqtoY87gdwUTurL7

Exchange: Listing on Waves decentralized exchange

Tiker – POST


ICO Key Dates

Pre ICO - Round I Jan 01 - Jan 20 1 NEWS = 0,05 USD

Pre ICO - Round II Jan 21 - Jan 31 1 NEWS = 0,08 USD

ICO Sale Feb 01 - Feb 28 1 NEWS = 0,10 USD

ICO End Date - Mar 01