Indigen: Blockchain for the preservation of indigenous cultures, languages and works of art.

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Blockchain for the preservation of indigenous cultures, languages and works of art.
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Hong Kong SAR of China
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Start date
01 Jan 2019 00:00 UTC
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30 Jan 2019 23:00 UTC

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01 Feb 2019 00:00 UTC
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30 Jun 2019 23:00 UTC

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Indigen is the very first cryptocurrency and blockchain project designed specifically for the indigenous people. As a donation cryptocurrency, portion of the purchases of Indigen coin goes to various outreach programs geared towards the poor indigenous children. As a blockchain project, the Indigen team hopes to preserve indigenous cultures, products and works of art through an immutable storage of intellectual properties using the Indigen blockchain.


Indigen ST (IDGT) is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum platform that will reward its holders of the required amount of IDGT with dividends paid out in ETH using a smart contract. There is no registration required to earn dividends, simply keep IDGT on an Ethereum wallet and our smart contract will do the distribution automatically. Future enhancements will include establishment of DAO which will give token holders voting rights in our revenue generating projects and business ventures.


All funds that will be raised during the token sale will be used completely in our blockchain projects, outreach programs and a big portion will be reinvested in revenue generating activities to ensure sustainability of our current and future projects. The management team does not hold or has reserved tokens for personal use since our main priority is the pursuit and successful implementation of our mission and vision, business objectives and charity projects and not for the management to take advantage of the funds generated for personal gains.


The whole month of January 2019 is our pre-sale phase wherein we give more than 40% bonus tokens. 1 ETH is fixed at 10,000 IDGT or pegged at $0.015 per 1 IDGT. Our token sale starts in February with the regular rate of 7,000 IDGT for 1 ETH or $0.02 per IDGT.


The participation process in our token sale is very simple and does not require complicated procedures just to join. It only takes sending any amount of ETH to a single wallet address as shown on our web site and you will receive the corresponding amount of IDGT to the same wallet you used to send your ETH. That's how simple it is. For security reasons, never send ETH to any wallet address other than the one posted on our web page at


Please visit our web site for complete details and to keep you updated.

Indigen: Blockchain for the preservation of indigenous cultures, languages and works of art.