The Backbone of Modern Work Agreements. ICO

The Backbone of Modern Work Agreements.
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01 Mar 2018 08:00 UTC
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07 Mar 2018 09:00 UTC

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Concept description:

Grain processes work agreements on the blockchain and has an instant payment mechanism. It helps companies save billions of euros/dollars annually in middleman services and payment processing costs.


How does the project create value to the ecosystem and differs from competing projects:

Grain is a backend solution that allows labor management systems and freelancer platforms to integrate smart contract and financial transactions on the blockchain.

Grain is not a marketplace to connect employers with workers, unlike competing projects

Grain is a back-end solution that transaction partners use to process work agreements

Transaction partner examples: freelance platforms (like Upwork or, staffing or temporary work agencies, job portals, etc.

Both employers and workers are protected against possible volatility of the value of Grain

Cryptocurrencies are by default volatile, but it would be unfair if a worker’s compensation gets affected by that

The solution: A liquidity insurance that's built into Grain

Grain lets participants of the ecosystem share in the success of the platform

When the liquidity insurance collects a profit as the value of Grain increases, this profit will be distributed amongst everyone (workers and employers)

Grain has a mechanism that allows workers to automatically build up a “piggy bank” as part of each transaction.

This mechanism can be used for pension funds, 401Ks, etc. that a lot of companies already provide for their employees

If this piggy bank contains Grain, it’s an automatic investment that pays off handsomely when the value of Grain increases The Backbone of Modern Work Agreements.