Globex SCI: Scientific knowledge valued at $250 billion now available for anyone

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Scientific knowledge valued at $250 billion now available for anyone
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Start date
20 Apr 2018 00:00 UTC
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25 May 2018 00:00 UTC

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An ecosystem that stores and allows to use data arrays of scholarly articles and publications in blockchain.

«We are a „big brain“, which stores and distributes scientific knowledge through a chain of blocks containing information. Blockchain will change the very idea of academic heritage making it more protected and open to general use.

Project Mission

In our world of enormous information flow thousands of scientists are still unaware of their colleagues’ work. Our mission is to create a strong link between scientists all over the world and to provide them with a platform for the exchange of scientific knowledge from all sorts of fields.

We believe that strength lies in unity, hence, collective knowledge promotes new discoveries for the sake of humanity.

Project Idea. Why do we need it?

Globex SCI will simplify the exchange of academic literature, research results, scholarly manuscripts and will also provide a mechanism of monetary compensation for authors based on the rating by the number of downloads.


The project addresses difficulties that scientists, authors of scholarly articles, publishers and universities face:

● After buying an access to the platform, a user can read all journals published on the platform and get a payment for her articles.

● The platform will ensure by means of cryptography that the content is protected and authors get the reward for people downloading their papers.

● Exchanging data through an aggregator will allow to diversify the content of journals and save money on subscriptions.

● The profit will be distributed fairly between a publisher and an author.

Globex SCI: Scientific knowledge valued at $250 billion now available for anyone